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Project Manager

Boston, MA

Activitely manages small and medium capital projects.  Consistently meets and then exceeds client expectations by ensuring accurate, complete, and timely communication of information to and from clients and firm staff.  Fully understands project scope and works to lead the client in Vanderweil's engineering services.  Develops firm staff through on-the-job coaching and regular use of significant incidents, project review forms and personal development plan discussions.  Accepts responsibility for giving, seeking, and acting on feedback needed; for personal career development to keep PIC apprised of project status and needs; to resolve project-related technical problems; and to resolve project related personnel issues.  Manages financial aspects of contracts to protect company's interest and simultaneously maintains good relationship with client.  Works proactively with peer project managers, team leaders, department managers to most efficient project execution and product delivery.  Develops proposals and participate in business development and marketing activities.