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CAPRE’s Greater Boston & New England Data Center Summit

CAPRE’s Greater Boston & New England Data Center Summit

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 -
1:15pm to 2:30pm

Harvard University Law School, Ames Courtroom
1515 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138
United States

Chris McLean (Vanderweil) and Daniel Bodenski (DAB Solutions) to present: "Best Practices for Upgrading Legacy Facilities and Future-Proofing the New Data Center: Are Providers Investing in Energy Efficiency or Reliability and Control?"

Discussion will address the following:

  • Are people upgrading for energy efficiency or reliability and control?
  • Is anyone investing in legacy data centers?
  • Is anyone really doing energy efficiency retrofits? Or, are they just improving the capacity of their sites?
  • Analysis of design/build methodology: How are developers procuring their data centers?
  • What are the next innovations in physical infrastructure and how will they impact tomorrow’s data center design?
  • Analysis of modular vs. stick built design processes. Are developers looking at modular, traditional or a hybrid models?
  • How does “modularity” play into getting the most of the 20 year building?
  • Migrating to the Cloud: How will the public and private sectors’ transition to the cloud in the next 5-10 years change design plans?
  • Colo trends: How can data center designers plan for variable density models as customers vary in density needs?
  • How do the ongoing operations and on-site support of the data center impact the ROI?
  • How do operations teams ensure uptime when majority of downtime occurs from human errors?
  • As more enterprises move to off-premise/hybrid infrastructure models, how do enterprises ensure that the partners they select are future-proofing their data centers?
  • What are the pros and cons for migrating to an off-premise or hybrid IT infrastructure strategy, and how does that impact data center ROI considerations?
  • What types of audits should data centers engage in on a regular basis to ensure their anticipated ROI will occur?