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Critical Power Expo 2017: “Analyzing Capacity Planning in your Data Center”

Critical Power Expo 2017: “Analyzing Capacity Planning in your Data Center”

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 -
10:00am to 11:30am

46100 Grand River Avenue
Suburban Collection Showplace, Halls A-B-C
Novi, MI 48374
United States

Capacity Planning is more than just a way to determine future hardware needs; in fact, it is the key to understanding and optimizing your data center. When it comes to cost, data center managers and customers are constantly looking for ways to improve and that is just what proper capacity planning enables. This track will look at the traditional process for capacity planning and will inform attendees of the latest in best practices in order to make use of modern technology and trends.  Traditional capacity planning is component focused and does not take into account the services side that now dominates the industry with the increasing popularity of virtualization and cloud technologies. Capacity planning was used primarily to forecast future hardware needs and determine the best way to satisfy these needs. New capacity planning now takes into account virtual as well as hardware choices. With the rapid growth in the industry, proper capacity planning is essential to creating data centers that provide the services clients need today and are able to scale with growing demand and changing requirements. The session will focus on industry tested recommendations and strategies for how data center managers can make the most out of their capacity planning initiatives so attendees come away with a map for their own capacity planning strategies.

Questions Answered

  • Why do I need to do capacity planning?
  • Why traditional capacity planning does not work in today’s marketplace?
  • What changes should be made to a current capacity planning strategy to incorporate new best practices?
  • What are strategies to implement a new capacity planning strategy?